Ticket and Event Information

What are Obstructed View tickets?
If an attendee in a certain seat may not have a full view of an entire performance, the terms Obstructed View, Limited View, and Partial Obstruction may b...
Wed, 5 Oct, 2016 at 11:16 AM
Why is the name on the ticket different from mine?
As we are a part of the secondary market, all of the tickets that are sold on our site were originally purchased by someone else on the primary market. Be...
Wed, 5 Oct, 2016 at 11:16 AM
How do I find out what time the venue opens or when certain acts are expected to perform?
Because we are not affiliated with any venue, we do not always have the specific information other than what time the event is to begin. The start times a...
Wed, 5 Oct, 2016 at 11:17 AM
How will I be notified when the seller has confirmed my order?
You will receive an email once the seller has confirmed that the tickets you requested are still available. 
Thu, 4 Jan, 2018 at 2:37 PM
Do I need to bring my order summary email to the event?
No, you do not need to bring your order summary email to the event. This email is just for your reference. In order to gain entry to the event, you will o...
Wed, 5 Oct, 2016 at 11:19 AM
Am I able to receive the tickets I ordered sooner than the expected delivery date?
Many times our sellers will receive their tickets from the venue sooner than they expected, but since they will not always know exactly when that will be,...
Wed, 5 Oct, 2016 at 11:19 AM
Why did I receive tickets that are different from what I ordered?
Our sales terms and conditions that that we have full discretion when deciding if a set of tickets is comparable or better than the original ones that you...
Wed, 5 Oct, 2016 at 11:20 AM
If my tickets have been damaged or are no longer in my possession, can they be resent?
Tickets for events are very difficult to have reissued or reprinted, so it is important to keep tickets in a safe place. If you no longer have possession ...
Wed, 5 Oct, 2016 at 11:20 AM